Boneless Bangus or deboned milkfish originated in the Philippines and spread all over the world. In the Philippines alone, a minimum of 1,000,000 tonnes are being harvested every year creating an annual USD $1Billion industry (domestic consumption and export). Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, China and different parts of Asia has similar hatchery technology but the boneless bangus from the Philippines mostly coming from Dagupan, Bonoan, Pangasinan, Saranggani and Mindanao are considered the most premium and the best in the world. There are different qualities of boneless bangus, some are completely deboned while others are partially deboned or improperly deboned. Handling and technique are important to preserve the freshness of the fish and at the same time debone the fish perfectly. Some skilled workers from the Philippines can properly debone a fish in 30 seconds.

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